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UPDATE: TweetSavr v1 is currently broken. Which is due to Twitter updating how you can use your RSS feeds (feeds are now password protected).

TweetSavr is my second Mac OS X screensaver that connects to your Twitter account to display your latest tweets, your friends, or even public tweets. TweetSavr allows you to keep up-to date with Twitter without having to be sitting in front of your Mac.

System Requirements:

PowerPC or Intel Macintosh, Mac OS X Leopard 10.5+, and Quartz Extreme

Download Now (#1 Mirror)


To install TweetSavr open the DMG and drag “TweetSavr” to the “Screensavers” folder.

To use TweetSavr open “System Preferences” and select “Desktop & Screen saver.” TweetSavr should show up on the bottom of the list in the “Other” section.

Personal Timeline: Grab the Twitter RSS URL from the bottom of your Twitter profile. It Should look something like; (feed://

Personal Timeline with Friends: Grab the Twitter RSS URL from the bottom of your Twitter home. It Should look something like; (feed://

Public Timeline: Grab this Twitter URL; (feed://

For more beautiful software visit;



Evernote is an amazing note taking application that allows you to jot down anything that comes to mind. Then automatically syncs all of your thoughts between multiple computers and phones. It even has built-in handwriting recognition!

Take notes while browsing, in any web browser.

“Noteworthy” features

Evernote is neat for several reasons,

  • No download required, you can use Evernote from your browser
  • Optional downloadable desktop app, for both OS X and Windows
  • Syncs between the web app and the desktop app
  • Syncs between your computer and your phone
  • Handwriting recognition engine built-in


Evernote is in private beta, which means you have to be invited. I do have a few invitations though (first come first serve). If you would like to receive an Evernote invite just leave a comment on this post.

The iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) has been released today. The Apple Dev site has been crushed by the sheer amount of downloads, I was able to snag a copy though. Grab yours there and get ready for a slew of nifty new software for your iPhone and iPod Touch!

I think we might see the iPhone and iPod touch start to challenge portable systems like the PSP and the DS.

Reasons to think so:

  • Production costs should be less then deploying a PSP or DS game (No need for cartridges or UMDs, bleh!).
  • Xcode has a very streamlined coding environment when compared to other IDEs
  • It is fast (620 MHz, faster than my old PowerMac G4. Haha!)
  • The accelerometer, Duh!

So what are you waiting for? Get coding!

One more thing, binaries from the iPhone (or iPod Touch) do not work in the simulator. Since it needs i386 binaries instead of armv6.