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MacFan ‘08 Moodsaver

MoodSaver, my screensaver that reacts to how hard your processor is working, is going to be featured in the Feburary ‘08 edition of the popular Mac oriented magazine “Mac Fan” in Japan!

You can grab MoodSaver over on Zuur Design or on MacUpdate.


Here are a few of my important resolutions for this new year. I hope, I will be successful in fulfilling these goals and may you be successful in your own goals too.

Fireworks, New Years
Photo Credit: Flickr User

Apply myself, to get things done faster

I have wasted, quite a lot, of time in the past. My first resolution for the new year is to apply myself more fully to the important work and less time on frivolous things.

Spend less time dwelling on the past

Over the past few years I have found myself dwelling more on the past. Longing to see old friends and family that I used too spend more time with. So my second resolution is to spend less time dwelling on the past and more time renewing lost connections.

Learn how to play a new instrument

I know how to play a couple instruments already so naturally my third new years resolution is to learn how to play a new instrument, most likely the guitar.

Write more blog posts

I also plan on writing more blog posts in 2008 than I did the previously.

The change is complete over to the new server is complete. Please update all bookmarks to link to, from now the old will no longer be updated but will. Thanks!