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If your a novice blogger, here is your lesson for the day. Post original content! People will come, eventually. People who are new to your blog want to see original content, not something they can find from a popular blog such as Engadget or Boing Boing. If you commit this blogging “crime” thats the most likely reason why you have only a few visitors a day to none and no comments. If you want to have returning visitors and subscribers. Post about something you feel should be in the news not what another site says should be or maybe create a cool tutorial or two. People will love* you.

5 Tips to gain subscribers

  • Post original content
  • Post frequently
  • Don’t talk about your self to much
  • Ping major weblog services such as Technorati
  • Disable comments until you have more visitors

*Andrew is not liable for people not loving you.


Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a technical, Web-related term used in two distinct meanings:

In popular usage, it is a widespread synonym for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) — many popular and technical texts will use the term “URL” when referring to URI;

Strictly, the idea of a uniform syntax for global identifiers of network-retrievable documents was the core idea of the World Wide Web. In the early times, these identifiers were variously called “document names”, “Web addresses” and “Uniform Resource Locators”. These names were misleading, however, because not all identifiers were locators, and even for those that were, this was not their defining characteristic. Nevertheless, by the time the RFC 1630 formally defined the term “URI” as a generic term best suited to the concept, the term “URL” had gained widespread popularity, which has continued to this day.

via the wonderful Wikipedia

Quick introduction

Joost is the attempt to create a free (ad-supported) IPTV platform utilizing P2P, it distributes (almost) TV quality video. It basically turns your computer into an instant on-demand television without any need for additional hardware.InstallationOn Mac OS X it was as easy as downloading the .dmg, dragging the .app to the Application folder and launching. When you first start Joost it downloads the list of channels. So far it’s been simple, and smooth.

User Interface

The user interface is pretty slick, starting up in fullscreen mode by default. It has a media center type feel to it.

Logging in

Logging In

Logging in for the first time to Joost.

User details

Filling in my personal profile.

Channel list

The channel list is pretty scarce as of now, only twenty-seven channels so far.

Channel info

Viewing the separate shows on the channel. You can choose the television show you want to watch.

Watching a television show

Watching a television show. On the bottom of the screen you can pause, skip forward and back, get information, switch the Joost player to windowed mode, power off Joost, etc. On the left side of the screen you will see “My channels” which will open the channel guide and on the right side you will see “My Joost” where you can open up widgets on the screen, more on this soon.

Info about the program

Showing the information for this show. You can create a “Joost Link” so you can send this show to your friends, pretty slick.

Opening my joost widgets

I have opened a few “My Joost” plugins, the base install includes a IM widget for Google talk and Jabber. A RSS ticker for reading your favorite RSS feed right from inside Joost. A self-explanatory clock widget. Last but not least a channel chat widget which allows you to chat with other people watching the same show or channel as you are, etc. Its pretty nifty.

Video Quality

The video quality did not impress me. As for most programs seem to be under TV quality. Also the video did have spots were it would tremble and I’m on a 6.67 Mb/s line according to here.


  • Free
  • Short advertisements
  • Multi-platform
  • Plugin Support
  • On-demand


  • Only a few channels so far
  • Somewhat slow interface

Overall reaction

There is still alot more work to be done with the service to make it as enjoyable as possible but as of now I would give it a 7 out of 10 rating. I’ve seen less advertisements than you would on regular television they seem to be shorter as-well. I love the fact that all the channels are on-demand letting you pick and choose the shows you really want to watch. Overall the application is pretty slick, downloads are relativity quick and I only have a few complaints but its free and what’s not to like about that!

If you would like to receive a Joost invitation write me comment or an email at infectedproject [at] Addressed “Joost Invite, Please.” I’ll try to get as many out as humanly possible.

Note: the tested Joost version is 0.10.4

Joost invites