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Rising SunI have chosen this wallpaper for its simplistic styling. Made by yours truly. It’s available in the 1280×1024 flavor.


I have fulfilled my promise by releasing my Myspace templates and source code that I have been storing in my secret underground lab. Using nothing but Images, HTML and CSS I have created what I believe are the most beautiful templates that can also be applied to your myspace as-well.


Some HTML and CSS Skills.

Some basic Photoshop and/or Gimp skills.

An image editor like Photoshop to edit the profile image and buttons. If you do not have this, download Gimp an open source image editor here;

Some free time.

Here are all the themes I have included with the source code.

Theme One:

Myspace Theme One

Theme Two:

Myspace Theme Two

Theme Three:

Myspace Theme Three

Step one:

Download the source code as-well as my templates, it’s all included in this simple zip archive here.

Step Two:

Open Photoshop or Gimp to edit the text in the .PSD files to match you, then save it out as a .jpg or .jpeg.

Step Three:

Upload the profile image as-well as the buttons to a image hosting provider. Here I’m using ImageShack.

Imageshack Upload

Step Four:

Copy and the code from the “direct link to images” box.

Imageshack Copy Code

Then paste it in the appropriate section in the “I’d like to meet – HTML.txt” file. Repeat until all the images are uploaded.

Paste image code

Step Five:

Copy all the code from the “About Me – CSS.txt” and “I’d Like to Meet – HTML.txt” files and paste them into the appropriate sections in your Myspace “edit profile” area.

Paste all code into myspace

Step Six:

Enjoy your new beautiful Myspace! If your really into customizing your profile check out Virb it’s a great new social networking site that actually wants you to customize your profile and puts very little limitation on it (unlike myspace).

For the past few mouths I have taken it upon myself to create a “beautiful” myspace and to everyones surprised it is possible, but it isn’t the easiest job though. Here is how my myspace has evolved over the last few months. I’ll also post the code for those who want to make theirs beautiful too. Screenshots here. Myspace here. I’ve also grown apart with myspace, so please check out Virb it’s a great alternative.