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UPDATE: TweetSavr v1 is currently broken. Which is due to Twitter updating how you can use your RSS feeds (feeds are now password protected).

TweetSavr is my second Mac OS X screensaver that connects to your Twitter account to display your latest tweets, your friends, or even public tweets. TweetSavr allows you to keep up-to date with Twitter without having to be sitting in front of your Mac.

System Requirements:

PowerPC or Intel Macintosh, Mac OS X Leopard 10.5+, and Quartz Extreme

Download Now (#1 Mirror)


To install TweetSavr open the DMG and drag “TweetSavr” to the “Screensavers” folder.

To use TweetSavr open “System Preferences” and select “Desktop & Screen saver.” TweetSavr should show up on the bottom of the list in the “Other” section.

Personal Timeline: Grab the Twitter RSS URL from the bottom of your Twitter profile. It Should look something like; (feed://

Personal Timeline with Friends: Grab the Twitter RSS URL from the bottom of your Twitter home. It Should look something like; (feed://

Public Timeline: Grab this Twitter URL; (feed://

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People who pay attention should have noticed the wonderful new InfectedProject theme. As with the last theme it has been generously provided by Derek Punsalan. Sorry for the downtime and hope you enjoy!

Rising SunI have chosen this wallpaper for its simplistic styling. Made by yours truly. It’s available in the 1280×1024 flavor.