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MacPorts List

We’ve all seen the classics Firefox, Adium, Etc. but what about the other great open source applications, the ones that aren’t immortalized. Heres a tribute to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

10. DS_Store Enabler/Disabler

Annoyed of OS X automaticly creating those damn .DS_Store when accessing you remote drive. Stop OS X from creating new .DS_Store files with the DS_Store Enabler/Disabler.

9. Bean

Bean is an easy-to-use word processor for OS X. Great for people like me who hate the idea of waiting for OpenOffice to load just to open a quick document. Bean packs some great features without the bloat.

8. NeoOffice

Native OS X version of, It includes word processor, spreadsheet program, drawing program, presentation program and equation editor and is compatible with most major document types (such as .doc)

7. Vienna

With most other RSS readers on the Mac costing twenty dollars or more Vienna is a great open-source alternative.

6. Colloquy

A great simple OS X IRC client.

5. Chicken of the VNC

Chicken of the VNC is a lightweight VNC client for Mac OS X.

4. Perian

Perian is a open source plugin for Quicktime that adds native support for many popular video formats.

3. Q

Q is a wonderfully simple native Cocoa front end for the QEMU virtualization environment, Q is similar to Parallels.

2. Blender

Blender is a powerful 3D content creation suite, also available for Linux and that other OS.

1. MacPorts

Love apt on Linux? You’ll love MacPorts, with over 4260 applications in its repository you’ll surely find some of your favorite Linux apps work as-well on the Mac.


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