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  • The food!

What’s better than the first bite of fresh sushi?

  • The cities are cleaner than you are!

For a city of Tokyo’s size (about 12.6 million) the streets seem incredibly clean. When your the person getting the sidewalk dirty instead of vice versa you will get what I’m saying!

Boasting one of the best rail systems in the world, a Nozomi train can travel from Osaka to Tokyo in just over two hours! Thats about 408 Km or about 254 Miles for those who aren’t metrically inclined.

  • Toilets that are smarter than the average American

Built in air freshener, bidet, blow dryer and heated seat that lifts automatically. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  • Ahead of the rest of the world

Just check out that coffee vending machine, you can watch your coffee being made on the screen! Japan sees more launches of the most anticipated tech products then anywhere else and has the best vending machines!

  • Crazy TV shows!

Just watch this, you will catch on. It’s a game show that takes place in a library!

  • Local plants

Their always beautiful! Just like Japan.

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