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The iPhone really is running OS X, big surprise! After downloading the iPhone restore image (93Mb) from Apple you will find that after you change the file extension to .zip and extracting it. You will find two .dmg archives tucked inside. One .dmg that is password protected and the other doesn’t mount. After a few minutes of googling I found out a way to open both of the .dmg’s. Here are some screenshots of the system files. Enjoy!

Entire OS

An overview of the entire operating system.


In the application folder notice that these apps are OS X apps. You can’t open them on plain old OS X since the iPhone is not using a PPC or X86 processor though.


Looking at the SystemVersion.plist its OS X Version 1.0 build 1A543a.

Internet Plug-ins

Ummm. No Java or Flash for you! You should be able to view Quicktime movies on the iPhone from Safari though.


The extension folder is interesting, do you think they will port the iPhone AppleMultitouchSPI.kext to the X86 version of OS X for new multi-touch Macs?


The last but not least of this little overview is of course the ringtones! Whoopee!

There is really nothing you can do with these files except look at them unless you have an iPhone to play with.

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