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Top 9 Dashboard Widgets

Here is my list of nine widgets that I use almost every day. They help me increase my productivity, view important statistics and some just to waste some time. Some of them are included by default in Mac OS X Tiger most of them aren’t though. Go ahead and take a peek!

iStat Nano

iStat Nano Widget

Do you love to see what’s going on inside your computer, are you a statistic whore? If so you will love iStat Nano. You can monitor everything! CPU usage, memory usage, drives, network, temperatures, fan speeds, battery, and more. You can easily change the color sceme of the widget as-well so it matches the theme you might be using.

Download it here

Application Update

App Update Widget

Do you loath every-time you open a app it asks you to update it? I love Application Update because it allows me to update all my applications at once. It does this by looking in the .app file to find what version of the application is installed. Then it initiates a search on a site such as VersionTracker to check if your applications are up to date. All magically, Oooh!

Download it here

Widget Update

Widget Update Widget

With the endless supply of widgets for Dashboard we need a widget just to update the other widgets! This is where Widget Update plays its part. Working in almost the same way as Application Update. All magically, Oooh!

Download it here


Wikipedia Widget

Quicken your access to the best encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This very useful for quickly looking up anything on Wikipedia right from your Dashboard.

Download it here


Weather Widget

The Weather widget is one of the best and must useful Dashboard widgets and its included by default in OS X! It’s easy to quickly look extended forecast for the weather in your town. It’s going to be sunny in Cupertino all week, maybe its time to move?

Included with Mac OS X

Unit Converter

Unit Converter Widget

Unit Converter is another widget included with OS X. It’s extremely useful for quick daily simple conversions. Like converting your computers temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice verse.

Included with Mac OS X


People Widget

The People widget is yet another widget included with OS X. It basically search’s the white pages for the name, and city you type in. An extremely useful feature of this widget is its ability to add the person you find to your address book with no fuss.

Included with Mac OS X


Minutes Widget

One of my absolute favorite widget Minutes combines a great UI and awesome functionality. Minutes is basically a countdown timer with Growl support and iTunes support. Great for keeping track of the time, especially on some sites we won’t mention.

Download it here


Flipcount Widget

Flipcount is another countdown widget but for another purpose. Counting down to events like the one above. 😉 It comes with a nifty flipping animation every-time a number changes just as the name suggests. By the way I’m turning sixteen in about a month! Whoopee!

Download it here

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