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Having recently set-up Google Apps for all of my domain names including I found it fit to give a short review on my initial impressions. Google Apps is a set of web-based applications built for collaboration. Email, Calender, Documents & Spreadsheets, and Chat are some of the tools included in this suite. Here are my initial impressions.

Setting it up

Google Apps Dashboard

Setting up your exsisting domain name with Google Apps is not the easiest objective. After verifying my domain name by uploading a HTML file and changing the MX records and CNAME records in my servers DNS settings area, my domain is setup to work with Google Apps now.

Godaddy MX Records


Google Apps Mail

Google Apps has the same interface as the rest of Google. For example Google Apps mail looks and acts exactly like Gmail. So its very easy to get used too.

Google Apps Startpage

Google Apps start page looks like iGoogle’s except you can customize your page and add your own logo.


Google Apps Domain Settings

You can customize your company’s name and logo that shows on your start page and other apps instead of the boring default Google logo’s.

Google Apps User

Adding a new user and changing some of their permissions.


  • Free (not including domain name)
  • Easy to Use
  • email
  • Collaboration features


  • Hard to setup
  • Not perfect, yet
  • Ad-supported on free version


Google Apps is a great set of tools that allows you to collaborate with your employees or family. I have found it immensely useful for its mail, calender, and collaboration features. It has great potential to be even better though and I hope that Google still keeps on making this set of tools better.

Sign up for Google Apps here

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