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iTunes 7.3 was released sometime last night it seems just in time for the launch of the iPhone today. Here is a quick overview of the changes made in this release.


iTunes Library 7.3

The iTunes library has undergone a few changes that make it a tad prettier. Notice on the sidebar when you select an area it now is blue instead of dark blackish blue before.

iTunes Coverflow Windowed 7.3

The Cover Flow scrollbar before was blurring on certain Intel Macs it now seems to be fixed. As you can see in the screen shot below.

iTunes Coverflow Full 7.3

Podcast Library

iTunes Podcast Coverflow 7.3


You can now browse your podcast library with Cover Flow and and the album art view.

iTunes iPhone Preferences 7.3

An iPhone preference tab has been added to the iTunes preferences.


iTunes iPhone Ringtone Option 7.3

Hidden in the resources of iTunes 7.3 is a little surprise a ringtone.gif file that may be a clue that Apple is going to allow custom ring tones on the iPhone.

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