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I found this great little useful feature hidden away in VLC preferences the other day. It allows you to control VLC from a web interface from another computer on the network. Here is a quick two step tutorial on how to get it working.
Step One

To access it go to VLC preferences window then open interface, then finally under main interfaces you will find a checkbox showing “HTTP remote control interface” check it.

VLC prefrences HTTP

Push save then restart VLC.

Step Two

Connect to the VLC interface from the other computer hooked up to the same network by typing 192.168.X.XXX:8080 (replace the X’s with the local static IP of the computer running VLC). You should now see a interface something like this. Enjoy!

VLC HTTP Interface

VLC is available for most operating systems. Download it here. Special thanks to the VLC team keep up the awesome work!

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