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I have fulfilled my promise by releasing my Myspace templates and source code that I have been storing in my secret underground lab. Using nothing but Images, HTML and CSS I have created what I believe are the most beautiful templates that can also be applied to your myspace as-well.


Some HTML and CSS Skills.

Some basic Photoshop and/or Gimp skills.

An image editor like Photoshop to edit the profile image and buttons. If you do not have this, download Gimp an open source image editor here;

Some free time.

Here are all the themes I have included with the source code.

Theme One:

Myspace Theme One

Theme Two:

Myspace Theme Two

Theme Three:

Myspace Theme Three

Step one:

Download the source code as-well as my templates, it’s all included in this simple zip archive here.

Step Two:

Open Photoshop or Gimp to edit the text in the .PSD files to match you, then save it out as a .jpg or .jpeg.

Step Three:

Upload the profile image as-well as the buttons to a image hosting provider. Here I’m using ImageShack.

Imageshack Upload

Step Four:

Copy and the code from the “direct link to images” box.

Imageshack Copy Code

Then paste it in the appropriate section in the “I’d like to meet – HTML.txt” file. Repeat until all the images are uploaded.

Paste image code

Step Five:

Copy all the code from the “About Me – CSS.txt” and “I’d Like to Meet – HTML.txt” files and paste them into the appropriate sections in your Myspace “edit profile” area.

Paste all code into myspace

Step Six:

Enjoy your new beautiful Myspace! If your really into customizing your profile check out Virb it’s a great new social networking site that actually wants you to customize your profile and puts very little limitation on it (unlike myspace).

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